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Test BMW 3 Series vs. Tesla Model 3: what is the sportiest business sedan?

In a direct confrontation on our test track, the BMW 3-series and the Tesla Model 3 can show which is the sportiest. The Dreier appears as the 258 hp 330i xDdrive and the Model 3 as Long Range AWD with 441 hp. If you look purely at power, this comparison may not seem entirely fair. With the prices as a starting point, these versions fit together perfectly. The BMW has a price label of 56,929 euros, the Tesla has recently been reduced in price and now costs 56,980 euros. The 374 hp BMW 340i xDrive is, with a starting price of more than 74 mille, a lot more expensive than the American.

Tesla Model 3 shows exemplary driving behavior

The control of the Tesa Model 3 is extremely precise, which means that it can be positioned exactly. At the same time, the Tesla also behaves as reliably as De Nederlandsche Bank in extreme situations. Understeer? Never heard of it! Fortunately, because as a sporty driver you are not waiting for that. A little upset, where the rear light breaks out, is actually appreciated. The ESP feels this very well. In fast corners, the stability system therefore allows a subtle outward-leaning butt. Even in normal daily use, the Tesla excels because of its exemplary driving behavior. In addition, the low center of gravity makes an important contribution to the enormous safety reserves.

Which is fastest on the track?

Despite its significantly higher power, the Tesla Model 3 completed the test course by more than three seconds slower than the BMW 330i xDrive (1: 44.7 vs. 1: 41.6 min.). Nevertheless, the American impresses with his active, extremely light-footed, but extremely safe handling. Unfortunately, the Model 3 Long Range’s ESP doesn’t have a Track mode, like the Model 3 Performance. In that top version, the stability system intervenes much more subtly and thus higher cornering speeds are possible. With that, the Tesla would certainly have come closer to the BMW.

Better grip BMW 3 Series

In the slalom, the Tesla Model 3’s ESP is less in combat with its electric superpowers than on the track. Every now and then the electrical control cousin gives the power a civilized pat on the fingers. In this way, the Tesla remains fast and neutral between the pylons by slalom. Yet an average speed of 65.4 km / h is not enough to keep the BMW (66.2 km / h) from the title ‘King of Swing’. The 3 series owes its better grip to the sporty tires, the rear of which are slightly wider than the front. The control of the 3-series with M-sports package is also a bit more communicative than the installation of the Tesla Model 3.

The full dynamic comparison between the Tesla Model 3 and the BMW 3 series is in Auto Review 3-2021.

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