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Mick Schumacher: “My last name does not give me pressure but motivation”


Mick Schumacher
Photo: Deutsche Vermögensberatung

With Mick Schumacher, a legendary name returns to F1. One would think that this would bring some pressure, but the reigning F2 champion says his name only gives him motivation.

Few could have predicted it, but not Mick Schumacher is the topic of conversation at Haas but his teammate Nikita Mazepin, albeit for dubious reasons.

But all joking aside, with a surname like that of Mick Schumacher it cannot be otherwise that there is a lot of pressure and that there is no doubt created a certain pattern of expectation.

Mick Schumacher does not experience his illustrious surname as pressure but as motivation, he tells the official F1 website.

“I never said it brings pressure, I don’t think I’ll ever say it,” Schumacher said of bearing the famous name. “I am very happy to bear that last name and very happy to bear that name back in F1. I am very proud of it, I am glad I have it. It is like a boost for me and it gives me motivation every day to work as much and as hard as possible. ”

COVID-19 has somewhat confused the preparation of the young German and so it took until the beginning of this month before he could adjust his seat, but he says that he is already starting to adapt well to his new work environment.

“There are definitely a few different factors, obviously the biggest one I’ve done before, you want to have a very strong bond with the team. That is what I strive for and I have that too, which I am very happy with. ”

“That’s one of its strengths, and being as strong mentally as we can in any situation is really important. Then basically just start the season at a high level and hopefully we will be able to carry through everything I have learned in my past years and perform at a high level of what we need. ”

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