This Singer ACS is spectacular! So why is Porsche angry?

For those who do not know what a Porsche 911 Safari is… At the end of the seventies, Porsche decided to participate in the East African Safari Rally. For this, the sports car brand used a raised 911 with four-wheel drive and all kinds of much-needed reinforcements to the chassis and body: the Porsche 911 SC Safari. Later – in the eighties – Porsche also took part in the Dakar Rally a number of times, first with the Porsche 953 and later with the Porsche 959.

Singer All-terrain Competition Study is a Porsche 964

A loyal customer of the American Singer wanted a modern version of the 911 SC Safari and 953, and that is right here in front of us. The Singer All-terrain Competition Study is – you wouldn’t say it – based on a Porsche 964 from 1990. It has an air-cooled, twin-turbo 3.6-liter boxer engine with 450 hp and probably has hardly any original 964 parts. Because under the supervision of the British rally specialist Richard Tuthill, the Singer ACS has been prepared for real rally work.

One for the desert and one for the road

The aforementioned customer has ordered two cars from Singer: the white one for desert rallies, the red one for asphalt rallies. We will spare you the exact adjustments, but both race 911s have been extensively reinforced, equipped with permanent 4WD, and equipped with a suspension that you say against. In addition, they have an extra large fuel tank, two full spare wheels, a hydration system for the driver and navigator, and a racing navigation system.

Singer ACS Can only go back online without Porsche letters

Singer had the ACS also be his website, because interested enthusiasts can order a copy for themselves. But after a complaint from Porsche, Singer has pulled the boosted sports car from his site and from Facebook. The ACS will be on it again, but then Singer has to remove all Porsche letters. And that is not simply a matter of removing stickers. As you can see, the word Porsche is stamped into the plastic on the side.

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