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“Lewis Hamilton is not happy with a one-year contract extension,” is farewell to Formula 1 imminent?

Lewis Hamilton
Photo: Mercedes F1 team

According to former F1 driver Martin Brundle, an analyst at Sky Sports, Lewis Hamilton is not happy with his one-year contract with Mercedes.

Although the negotiations for a new contract between Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have been dragging on for a long time, no one doubted that both parties would find each other. As expected, there was also white smoke last month, but it was surprising that the seven-time world champion only signed a contract extension of one year.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff had the following to say about this during a video conference.

“The intention was actually to start negotiations between the races in Bahrain but then Lewis wasn’t feeling well. We then started negotiating shortly before Christmas and then it was early day. We therefore said that we would talk about the 2022 season later and that we would now sign a one-year agreement, which gives us some leeway. ”

Martin Brundle has known Lewis Hamilton for many years and was allowed to do a number of interviews with the seven-time world champion for ‘Sky Sports’.

“We’ve made some exclusive shows with Lewis that will be airing over the next few weeks and months,” said Brundle.

“He was cheerful as always, but also a bit cranky. I find it interesting in this regard that his manager Marc Hynes, who has been by his side for a long time, is no longer on board. I noticed that Hamilton is unhappy with how the negotiations with Mercedes went. ”

“I thought it was significant how he answered my question about his pole positions. He now has ninety-eight and I said to him: “This season you will definitely hit the cape of a hundred.” He answered me, ‘Why? McLaren was a quarter of a second behind us in Abu Dhabi and they now have our engine. And what about Red Bull Racing? Maybe their high rake concept is really taking off now. I wouldn’t write off Ferrari, and I also expect something from Aston Martin. ”“

“I told him: ‘You now have ninety-eight pole positions, most of which are from the turbo-hybrid era and only in 2020 you have already achieved ten. Then there is a good chance that you will add two more. ‘ Lewis likes to tease you when you have a conversation with him. Then we talked for another hour about his great race in Istanbul, where he secured his seventh world title. Then he was the old Lewis again, very open about his thoughts. ”

But there is clearly something wrong with the seven-time world champion. Not only Martin Brundle noticed this, other insiders also think that Lewis Hamilton sees things differently.

The chance therefore seems to be increasing that if Hamilton wins an eighth world title this year, the Brit will say goodbye to Formula 1 and focus on his other passions such as fashion and music. In addition, there is of course also his fight against racism, for diversity and for the climate.

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