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Mick Schumacher undergoes ‘name change’ to honor his father: “It has an emotional value”

Mick Schumacher
Photo: Deutsche Vermögensberatung

Mick Schumacher says that he himself has asked to be shown in the Formula 1 tables with the abbreviation of his father, ‘MSC’.

During his period in Formula 2 the abbreviation for Mick Schumacher was ‘SCH’ but during the pre-season tests in Bahrain we suddenly saw the legendary trigram ‘MSC’ reappear. Mick Schumacher now records that he himself asked for this because it has an emotional value for him.

“I wanted ‘MSC’,” said Schumacher. “Because I have an emotional connection with it and I also think it’s nice for everyone to see ‘MSC’ appear on the screen again.”

On the opening day of the pre-season test, Schumacher got no further than fifteen laps with his Haas VF21, but on Saturday he managed to reel off eighty-six and he says he has learned a lot from that.

“I learned a lot of new things, all of which were positive,” says Schumacher.

“Today I was able to do more than eighty laps and compared to yesterday’s fifteen laps that is a big difference. It really gave me a new perspective on F1 and also understanding how to drive on the track. ”

Last year he was crowned F2 champion in Bahrain, but he says it is much more fun to drive around the Sakhir circuit with an F1 car.

“It’s great fun to drive an F1 car here,” said Schumacher. “It is unbelievable how fast it goes.”

“Being able to push so hard, rely on the rear and really feel the grip change depending on the setup. There are a lot of tools you can use to instantly improve track driving. So that’s quite positive for me, coming from Formula 2, where you actually had nothing to change. ”

Despite the fact that testing is very limited, Schumacher feels ready to race.

“The race cannot come fast enough. I am really looking forward to the season. I’d love to ride every day. I could go on for another eight days and then immediately start the race weekend. ”

Not only Mick Schumacher is looking forward to the start of the season, it can also start again for the fans. And if we then look at the abbreviations of the drivers, we find in addition to ‘MSC’ also ‘ALO’ in the same table, it hardly gets any more nostalgic …

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