Test Porsche Taycan vs. Porsche Panamera: spot the differences in the interior

With electric cars you usually need less space for the technology. This way you can save more space for people and luggage. Yet in the Porsche Taycan you get the idea that you are in a four-door Porsche 911 rather than in a 4.96 meter long sports sedan. You have plenty of room to move, but it is not spacious.

Panamera is the larger of the two

The Porsche Panamera is slightly longer (5.04 meters), but the height and wheelbase are also larger. This gives you more headroom both in the front and in the back. The rear legroom of the Taycan seems more favorable. But that is an illusion, Porsche has made the rear seat seats five centimeters shorter than in the Panamera. In the front, the petrol car offers a more pleasant space experience thanks to the slightly narrower tunnel console. The footwell in the front is slightly narrower than on the Taycan.

Luggage space: two is not necessarily more than one

Also when we look at the boot, the Porsche Panamera is the more generous of the two. Its trunk is accessible through a large fifth door and can hold 467 liters of luggage. If you fold the back seat, you can even take 1306 liters of stuff with you. The Taycan contrasts with a trunk of 366 liters – that’s about Volkswagen Golf level. But here too you can fold the backs of the rear seat in parts.

“More modern is not always better, you can see from the ease of use and ergonomics in the Taycan.”

To pull or not to pull …

You can store 81 liters of luggage under the front cover of the Taycan. But you will mainly use that space to store the charging cable. The fact that you cannot tow a caravan with a Taycan will probably be a problem for many potential buyers. But the fact that the trailer with the Riva motorboat or the classic racing 356 also cannot get behind it might make them think. The Panamera driver is allowed to hook tandem-axles up to 2,200 kilos. So also a horse trailer with two Arabian thoroughbreds is no problem.

Ease of operation

When it comes to interactive safety systems, the Porsche Taycan is the most generous and modern of the two. But that more modern is not always better, you will notice in the ease of use and ergonomics. In the Porsche Panamera you can still operate many things with easily accessible buttons. In the Taycan you have to rely on touchscreens for almost all functions. That requires more time and attention, which you cannot devote to traffic. The Taycan only has a handful of physical buttons on the steering wheel.

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