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Why the electric Volkswagen ID.3 suddenly becomes 5700 euros cheaper

If you want a Volkswagen ID.3, you can now choose from nine variants: three with a 45 kWh battery and six with the well-known 58 kWh battery. To start with the latter: the ID.3 Life and Business are available with 145 or 204 hp, the ID.3 Tech and Max only with the strongest electric motor. The Life previously cost 37,890 euros, but now 1000 euros has gone from it. The Business, Tech and Max are available from 41,190, 45,390 and 47,690 euros respectively. All of them have the 58 kWh Pro battery and a range of up to 425 kilometers. Although the Volkswagen ID.3 – about which there have been many complaints recently – does not reach that distance, we discovered in our action range test.

Volkswagen ID.3 with 45 kWh battery is 5 hp stronger

So new is the Volkswagen ID.3 with a 45 kWh battery. Strangely enough, its electric motor has 5 hp more power than the entry-level ID.3s with 58 kWh battery (a less powerful version will follow later, Volkswagen reports). The range of the ID.3 45 kWh is a maximum of 351 kilometers. The nameless entry-level model costs 32,190 euros, but then you are limited in your fast charging capacity, which is 50 kW. If you go for the ID.3 City of Style (34,790 or 39,390 euros), that speed will increase to 100 kW. The least expensive Volkswagen ID.3 – and also the ID.3 City – are on 18-inch steel wheels with hubcaps. Oof! The poverty …

With full starting price in the low addition of 12 percent

The ID.3 45 kWh is quite well equipped as standard: with adaptive cruise control, Lane Assist, front and rear parking sensors, LED headlights, single-zone automatic climate control and a 10-inch multimedia screen with navigation system. The smaller battery pack can be fully charged at a wallbox or public charging station in about 7.5 hours. All ID.3s, except the base model, can fast charge at 100 kW. Then the 45 kWh battery can be charged from 5 percent charge level to 80 percent in about 40 minutes. Of course, the new Volkswagen ID.3 model with its full starting price in the low addition of 12 percent.

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