Ouch! This can happen if you tow a Jeep Wrangler incorrectly

The accompanying screenshot is from a TikTok video. A mechanic from an American Jeep dealer put the video online after he received a car that had completely broken down in a bizarre way. It was a 2021 model year Jeep Wrangler with only 16,000 kilometers on the odometer. When the mechanic looked under the SUV, he fell back in awe. He had never seen anything like it.

Jeep owner switched on the low gearing

In America it is very normal to take your normal car with you when you go out with the camper. Some people choose to put the car on a trailer, others just tow it (there is a special system for this). The Jeep owner did the latter, but – probably accidentally – made a mistake with the Wrangler’s transfer case. He put its poker in 4-Low. And with that you switch on the low gearing, which you really only need in rough terrain. In 4-Low you are not allowed to drive faster than 40 km / h.

You always tow a car in free

The second mistake the Jeep owner made was putting the regular gearbox in first gear. Stupid! He must be free while towing. So when the man with his RV and Jeep embarked on a long journey on the American highway, things went completely wrong. He probably didn’t realize it, but behind him in the Wrangler the six-cylinder engine was propelled to around 50,000 rpm. The maximum speed allowed for the Jeep-V6 is 6600 rpm.

Brand new Jeep Wrangler is a total loss

So you can imagine what happened. The engine, gearbox and transfer case more or less exploded. The camshaft has ripped loose, two pistons have gone right through the block, and the clutch and flywheel have popped out of the transmission housing. Furthermore, the transmission has become detached from the incoming axle and a bomb seems to have gone off in the transfer case. According to the Jeep dealership, the car is a total loss. Parts alone would cost you $ 30,000, the mechanic told TheDrive.

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