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Lewis Hamilton: “I expect a long and intense title battle with Max Verstappen”

Lewis Hamilton
Photo: Daimler Media

In an interview with ‘Sky’, Lewis Hamilton says that he expects Red Bull to be right on track this year and that it could be a long battle for the title.

Will the fans get to see the long-awaited title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen this year? The future will tell, but the signs for an exciting battle are already there.

After all, Red Bull had a strong end to the season at the end of last year with a victory for Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi and the three-day test in Bahrain in preparation for the new F1 season also suggested the best.

If the formation from Milton Keynes can continue that line in a season in which the rules have hardly changed compared to the previous season, one can hope for an exciting title fight.

After the pre-season tests in Bahrain, where Red Bull came out very strong and Mercedes a lot less, it also seems that the gap between the two teams has narrowed. But then there is also the fact that it would not be the first time that Mercedes has thrown sand in the eyes of the competition during the test days before the new season.

But if we are to believe Lewis Hamilton, we can prepare for a long, exciting title battle between Mercedes and Red Bull.

“If you have seen them win the last race of 2020, you can only conclude that they will be right there, or at least will be in the front,” said Hamilton.

“It’s going to be a great long fight with them throughout the year.”

The only driver who has been able to challenge Hamilton since 2014, and who did not play for Mercedes himself, was Sebastian Vettel in 2018.

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