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Data leak: data from millions of Dutch car owners on the street

It is not known for how many Dutch people the data has been leaked. According to the hacker who offers the information for sale, it concerns 7.3 million people, but it could also contain duplicate people. Inquiries from the NOS at the affected ICT company – RDC from Amsterdam – show that the hacker is not exaggerating. The firm calls the figure of 7.3 million “real”.

Information from RDC can be useful to criminals

Among other things, RDC offers car garages the option of automatically emailing customers when it is time for their MOT inspection. Part of the data that has now been leaked comes from the RDW. According to RDC, this mainly concerns older data. The information can be very useful for crook gangs (who can see where expensive cars are) and for internet crooks.

Leaked data is offered for sale on the Internet

According to NOS, the dataset has been offered on a forum for $ 35,000 since last weekend. Some of the data would already have been publicly posted on the internet. The NOS approached the responsible internet criminals and received information (partly outdated) about 58,000 Amsterdam residents with a car or motorcycle.

RDC has started an investigation into the data breach

RDC says it has started an extensive investigation into this incident, together with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. The RDW is talking to the ICT company about the consequences of this data breach. RDC receives the RDW information – MOT expiry dates and name and address details from car and motorcycle owners – namely under strict conditions.

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