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Lewis Hamilton is being abused by Black Lives Matter

Lewis Hamilton kneels with other F1 drivers before the start of an F1 race
Photo: Daimler Media

Former F1 Pope Bernie Ecclestone does not mince words and states in a conversation with “The Telegraph” that Lewis Hamilton is being abused by ‘Black Lives Matter’.

If Bernie Ecclestone were still in control in F1, no one would wear an anti-racism shirt or kneel before the start of the races as they do now. After last year’s incident with George Floyd in the United States, Lewis Hamilton spoke out against racism and, especially under his impetus, there was an anti-racism moment for the races.

The seven-time world champion has already been critical of Bernie Ecclestone after the latter minimized racism in Formula 1, but that does not stop the ninety-year-old Briton from making strong statements.

“If I had been there, no one with anti-racism t-shirts would have been on the podium, that’s for sure,” said Ecclestone.

Ecclestone also says he would not allow to kneel before the race, and while he also believes there should be more diversity in F1, he would also not allow F1 to be used to deliver a political message. .

Last year, Hamilton still called Ecclestone “ignorant and uneducated” because he recorded that he was surprised to learn that Hamilton had been confronted with racism in the sport. Ecclestone now responds that he thinks Hamilton has misunderstood him.

“I agree that we should give more people a chance. Don’t forget that I was the first to put a black man in a Formula 1 car. I have supported him and I have supported a lot of black people, but Lewis has a right to his opinion. ”

“But I said to his father, ‘Lewis has to be careful’. Because it is used by the people who support Black Lives Matter. They get a lot of money out of it and nobody knows where it’s going. ”

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