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7 facts about the Mercedes EQS: it sounds like a volcanic eruption

The more expensive the car, the more vaguely its designers talk. We have no patience for ‘the deeper meaning of the contrast between hot and cold’ and tell you 7 things we noticed about the Mercedes EQS. Without fuss.

1. The Mercedes EQS is super sleek

The Mercedes EQS is a fraction larger than the current S-class. Viewed from the top, it has a teardrop shape. Combine that with a smooth body with no folds or seams, and you have the world’s most aerodynamic production car. Low air resistance means that you get further on a battery charge of current (up to 700 kilometers) and we would like to hear that.

2. Designers struggle with the hood

The hood of the Mercedes EQS is one clamshell, which means that it runs all the way from wheel arch to wheel arch. The designers emphasize how difficult it is to make such a complex form of aluminum. Funnily enough, we didn’t hear Hyundai’s designers complain about the unveiling of the Ioniq 5 and his clamshellbonnet.

3. No grille is no face

Electric cars don’t need a classic grille. Still, the Mercedes EQS gets a large, closed grille. Why? “Every Mercedes must have a face.” That comes as no surprise, because the Mercedes EQC and Mercedes EQA also have a sealed face.

4. Mercedes EQS Hyperscreen is cool

The dashboard of the EQS is covered with a huge display. It seems that the display is made up of three smaller screens, but it still looks high-tech. If you don’t like all those pixels, you can fall back on a dashboard in the familiar style of the S-class. So with a freestanding touchscreen in the middle.

5. The electric flagship has a ship deck

Keeping up with point 4: if you opt for the S-class dashboard with a central touchscreen, there is a lot of room for wood. This is no joke: the wood trim on the dashboard is even called Ship Deck.

6. It still has a prominent center console

We were curious if Mercedes would follow the lead of the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Nissan Ariya and Volkswagen ID.4 and opt for a small center console with a flat floor. At first that was the intention, but the designers opted for a compromise: a floating center console. That looks nice and sporty, and still gives your feet a lot of floor space.

7. The Mercedes EQS sounds like a volcano

How does a Mercedes EQS sound and what do you hear when you drive it? No less than 250 experts addressed this issue. Their answer: not the sound of a fake combustion engine anyway. No, in the electric top model from Mercedes you can choose from three ‘sound worlds’.

If you are a decent director, you go for minimal feedback. So a ping here and a whiz there. But if you sell firearms on the black market, turn on Roaring Pulse. Then when you floor the accelerator, you can hear it roar and thunder in the cabin as if a volcano is erupting.

The Mercedes EQS will be unveiled soon, will go into production this summer and will be delivered to customers at the end of this year.

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