First review Citroën e-C4 (2021): great comfort, small annoyances

What is striking about the Citroën e-C4 (2021)?

The design of the Citroën e-C4 does not get boring quickly. We looked at the crossover with coupe tricks before when we tested the regular Citroën C4 (review), but I still enjoy looking at it from all angles. So much is happening that you cannot understand the design at a glance.

Take the MG ZS EV for comparison: that’s just the standard SUV shape with a large grille on the nose. Ready. But the Citroën e-C4 has bumps, dimples and lights that you would think are incompatible. Still it works.

What’s good about the Citroën e-C4 (2021)?

The electric powertrain provides a high level of driving comfort. The Citroën e-C4 accelerates smoothly and despite the silent drivetrain, you don’t notice much of tire and wind noise. With 136 hp and 260 Nm, it is just as powerful as the Peugeot e-2008 and the Opel Mokka-e. How many these are not impressive numbers, you are rarely short of more power.

Citroën paid a lot of attention to suspension comfort, but did not go through it. For example, the e-C4 rolls easily over speed bumps, without bothering to sway. And the electric SUV eats highway miles like chocolate buns. The adaptive cruise control does its job professionally.

The Citroën e-C4 can fast charge with 100 kW, just like the Peugeot e-2008 and the Opel Mokka-e. Which means that charging up to 50 percent is nice and fast. Then the charging speed drops to the usual 50 kW and you have to wait longer or move.

What could be better about the electric Citroën C4?

The range of the Citroën e-C4 is not great. It consumes more power than the technically similar Peugeot e-2008 and therefore does not get as far on a battery charge as current. 225 kilometers at 100 km / h and 164 kilometers at 130 km / h. And that while the brochure promises 350 kilometers …

The navigation system does not know how much power is in the battery. So if you want to drive to Berlin, he doesn’t schedule any charging stops. The Mercedes EQA does.

The remaining range fluctuates enormously. In the e-C4 you can leave with a full battery, only to find out after 75 kilometers that 150 kilometers have disappeared from your range. What makes this extra sour is that the e-C4 does not express in percentage how full the battery is. You never know exactly how much power and / or range you have left. Hopefully then …

Finally, three annoyances: the cup holders are too narrow for coffee cups (which is very annoying for avid coffee drinkers) and the head-up display is the size of the lid of your lunch box. The menu on the central touchscreen is also awkward, because the e-C4 has settings at user level and at car level.

When will the Citroën e-C4 arrive and what is the price?

The prices of the Citroën e-C4 start at 38,190 euros and our Shine version costs 40,740 euros. Citroën advertises with a discount of 2,000 euros, which means that the prices are more in line with those of the Peugeot e-2008 (36,930 euros) and the Opel Mokka-e (35,399 euros).

You can now view the Citroën e-C4 at the dealer and reserve it for a test drive. Since auto repair shops are open by appointment only, it will take some effort to test drive all three electric SUVs.

What do I think of the Citroën e-C4?

I enjoyed driving the Citroën e-C4 because it is quiet, smooth and comfortable. Moreover, the designers have delivered a beautiful design. In my opinion, it looks more chic than the Peugeot e-2008 and the Opel Mokka-e.

But then the electric story. The Citroën e-C4 is simply not lavish enough with information. On the one hand, you cannot trust the remaining range for 100 percent, and on the other, it consumes more power than its electric counterpart, the Peugeot e-2008. It would help enormously if the navigation system tells you how many percent you will arrive at your destination. Now the navigation system does not even know that it is in an electric car. Of course, habituation takes away some of that uncertainty, but it remains the biggest point for improvement of the e-C4.

You can read the extended version of our test in Auto Review number 5.

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