Car Sales 2021: Market Collapses! These brands score the worst

Let’s finish the administration first. Last March, the new car market fell by 17.7 percent to 24,186 units sold. In March 2020, that number was still 29,372. Electric cars are no longer to be seen in fields and roads. The most popular model was the Volvo XC40 (638 units), followed by the Opel Corsa (595), Kia Picanto (588), Toyota Yaris (584) and Peugeot 208 (537). Among the brands, it was again Volkswagen who took the lead (2265), followed by Kia (1874), Toyota (1803), Peugeot (1698) and BMW (1594).

Car sales fell by 21.5 percent in the first quarter

If we look at the first three months of this year, the decline in sales is even stronger. The figures from the BOVAG, Rai Vereniging and RDC (those of that enormous data breach, indeed) show that 21.5 percent fewer cars left the showrooms (80,885 compared to 103,053). The Volvo XC40 again tops the list (2266). The Kia Picanto (2187), Ford Fiesta (1755), Volkswagen Polo (1754) and Toyota Yaris (1690) complete the top five. In terms of brand, the ranking is as follows: Volkswagen (7492), Kia (6101), BMW (5922), Peugeot (5686) and Toyota (5465).

Only a few brands gain in the first quarter: Dacia, Jeep, Mazda, MG, Skoda and Volvo. The rest were well into the minus. Yet only five brands can be the worst. And those are these …

DS – min 57 percent

The DS delivery program will soon be expanded with the DS 4, but in the past quarter the French brand had to make do with the DS 3 Crossback, DS 7 Crossback and DS 9. The latter is just new and was only twice ‘over the counter’. Both SUVs scored really dramatically, especially the DS 3, which went from 88 to 29 copies.

Hyundai – min 47 percent

Huh? How is that possible? Hyundai has been doing so well in recent years. Yet the Korean brand went from 3,129 cars in the first three months of 2020 to ‘only’ 1,666. The culprit is the decline in interest in electric cars. As a result, the Ioniq went from 240 to 53 and the Kona from 1419 to 440.

Jaguar – my 61 percent

Jaguar is not about big numbers. The British manufacturer was at 73 cars in the past quarter and 183 last year. The biggest blows were – as was to be expected – with the XE and XF. They operate in a difficult segment. Large sedans and station wagons are less and less popular and are losing out to SUVs.

Mitsubishi –min 52 procent

Europe is no longer a priority for Mitsubishi. There are even stories that the Japanese brand will say goodbye to our continent. Yet Mitsubishi still sold 925 cars in the past quarter (1918 last year). Especially the ASX (from 310 to 55) and the Space Star (from 1038 to 474) did not perform well.

Tesla – 77 procent

And then the dubious winner. As we wrote in the first paragraph of this story: after the sales boom in November and December, just before the addition change, there is now no longer interest in electric cars. Hardly anyone wanted a Tesla Model S (from 43 to 2 units) and Model X (from 46 to 1 unit) anymore. The Tesla Model 3 saves the honor a bit (from 1623 to 392 cars).

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