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Liam Everts signs with Red Bull and starts first season in EMX250: “My family name brings pressure”

For Liam Everts, the sixteen-year-old son of ten-time motocross world champion Stefan Everts, 2021 will be an important year. The young Limburger will make the switch from the EMX125 class to the EMX250 class this season. He’s going to ride a 250 machine full-time and realizes that this won’t be easy.

“My goal is to build this season,” Everts explained in a press release from partner Red Bull. “I am in a class higher this year. That will not be easy, because many riders are coming back from MX2 to EMX250. So it is going to go very quickly. But with patience and hard work I think we can definitely show ourselves. Everything is there. It’s a matter of taking the time to complete the puzzle and make everything fit. ”

Father Everts also realizes that the road to a top career is still a long time. “There is still work to be done, of course. Liam still needs to gain a lot of experience and learn to perform better under the pressure that his name puts him. But the passion is there, along with the commitment and the discipline. He also has the feeling, the talent and the insight in his DNA. ”

“My family name brings pressure of course,” Liam agreed. “But once I’m racing, I disappear into my bubble and focus only on myself, my bike and the track. But it remains something special after my father and grandfather. ”

Stefan Everts closely follows his son. As a ten-time world champion and most successful motocross rider ever, he also knows the dangers of the sport like no other. “I have mixed feelings about it,” he explained. “On the one hand I am very proud that Liam not only succeeds me but also his grandfather and therefore keeps the name Everts in motocross, but on the other hand I also know the risks of our sport. So I’m concerned and don’t want him to get hurt badly. ”

“I guide Liam in everything and try to avoid risks as much as possible. From the first day he was on the bike, I always prioritized safety. I always give him my honest opinion, we work together on the weaknesses and, above all, do not want to move forward too quickly. I really don’t want to put extra pressure on him, because there is already anyway. I know what that feels like. My father was also a name. And I also approached that very calmly with him. This allowed me to perform at top level for a very long time. ”

Liam Everts receives Red Bull helmet from father Stefan

The EMX250 season kicks off for Everts on May 9 with the GP of Portugal in Agueda. There are a total of ten World Cup rounds on the program. The Grand Prix of Belgium takes place on August 1 in Lommel.

Just like his father and ten-time world champion Stefan Everts in his heyday, up-and-coming talent Liam will soon be blasting around the circuits wearing a Red Bull helmet. “Being part of the Red Bull family is a great honor. Those are big names in motocross alone, ”says Liam Everts. So being able to drive around with that helmet is a dream come true. Something really special. The fact that I also succeed my father in this way makes it extra cool. ” Stefan Everts adds. “It would be great if Liam ever become world champion. Three generations … Unseen! I really hope so. But if he equals his grandfather, that would be great too. ”

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