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The new Citroën C5 X is not a station wagon or SUV … (but a plug-in hybrid)

The Citroën C5 (2007-2017) is the last major D-segment of the French brand. For a long time it seemed that the C5 Aircross had been assigned the role of top model in the middle class. But nothing could be further from the truth, as it turns out today. The new Citroën C5 X has just been unveiled.

What is the Citroën C5 X exactly? The press reports refer to a car with the elegance of a sedan, the dynamics of a station wagon and the robustness of an SUV. In short: a mixed bag, neither meat nor fish, a car that cannot be categorized. As far as the latter is concerned, you could consider the new C5 X as a real Citroën. The French brand has built more cars in the past with – shall we say – unique personality. Think of the 2CV, the DS, the GS, the SM, the XM, the C6 …

The C5 X is a crossover all-over-the-place

First impression when seeing the photos: a Citroën C4 XL, with a nose that stretches out and a wild mix of details and elements. A model in the style of the old (Citroën) DS 5, which could not make a choice whether it wanted to be a hatchback or a station wagon. Add to that the large wheels and the thick rims around the wheel arches on the new Citroën C5 X, which imitate the tough looks of an SUV. The new Citroën C5 X is a crossover all-over-the-place.

Typically Citroën: comfort that matters

People who adore Citroën – so-called Citrophiles – for its wonderful hydropneumatic suspension system will be disappointed with the new C5 X. The previous C5 was the last model to be built with this floaty suspension, and it will remain so. The new C5 X stands on the same modular platform as the Peugeot 508 and Opel Grandland X.

To meet the inveterate Citroën, however, Citroën has paid extra attention to the tuning of the chassis. Citroën harks back to the good reputation of yesteryear under the name ‘Advanced Comfort’. The plug-in hybrid version of the C5 X gets an adaptive damped chassis, with the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions having three different programs.

Benzine, plug-in hybride. And no diesel.

Indeed: we also know the plug-in hybrid technology of the C5 X from the Peugeot 508 and Opel Grandland X. It concerns the powertrain with a maximum power of 225 hp. It is not yet known whether a version with 300 hp and four-wheel drive (such as the Grandland X) will also be available at a later stage.

In addition to the PHEV version of the C5 X, another petrol variant appears. Further details are lacking in the press information. There is no mention of a diesel model. We therefore assume that it will no longer come.

Autonomous driving up to level 2

To come back to comfort: Citroën gives high on the qualities of the seats and the ease of use of the dashboard. We see a large central touchscreen, but also physical buttons for operating the air conditioning. The Citroën C5 X will be available with driver assistance systems that enable autonomous driving up to level 2. Think of adaptive cruise control in combination with active lane assist and traffic jam assist.

The new Citroën C5 X can be expected at Citroën dealers in the second half of 2021. Prices will also be announced around that time. We are curious whether Citroën will be able to breathe new life into the old middle class with the new C5 X.

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