This is how they celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mercedes SL W107 in Belgium

The W107 was the third generation of the Mercedes SL and succeeded the legendary Pagoda. Friedrich Geiger’s design broke radically with the Mercedes style of the 1960s. The ‘horizontal’ headlights and the large, ribbed rear light units were clear examples of this.

Mercedes SL and SLC of W107 generation

In the course of 1971 the new Mercedes SL got a slightly bigger brother, the Mercedes SLC. That was not a two-seater, but a 2 + 2 with a fixed roof, with the louvres at the rear side windows as a well-known style characteristic.

Six-cylinder in-line or V8

Unlike the previous SL models, the W107 was not only available with an inline six-cylinder engine. For the first time you could also order the SL with V8 engines. In cylinder capacity varying from 3.5 to 5.0 liters. The Mercedes W107 grew into a popular sports car and turned out to be very solid. Of the 237,287 SLs and 62,888 SLCs, there are still a lot of them on the road.

Conversion of Mercedes W107 to electric car

For the true petrolheads among us it sounds unlikely, but there are people who want to exchange the six-cylinder in-line engine or V8 in their Mercedes W107 for an emission-free electric motor. That is perfect for Monceau Automobiles in Belgium. This company takes care of the restoration and electrification of classic Mercedes cars such as the W107.

Performance and range electric Mercedes W107

The eSL and eSLC from Monceau keep their classic looks, but get a 200 hp and 620 Nm strong electric motor behind the star in the grille. This is powered by a 50 kWh battery pack, good for a range of 280 kilometers. That is more than enough for the average tour of the average classic club. With the 22 kW on-board charger you can fully charge the battery pack in two hours. For an additional fee, Monceau can also make the car suitable for fast charging.

Keep classic looks

According to technical director Klaas De Craemer, Monceau has done everything to keep the car its classic experience: “For example, the dashboard apparently still has analogue hands, but at the rear these are fully controlled digitally by the on-board computer. The driver receives additional information about the electrical systems and the range via a small digital screen. ”

Prices electric Mercedes from Monceau

As a stingy ‘Ollanders’ we naturally want to know what exactly such a conversion will cost. A completely personalized and homologated electric Monceau eSL or eSLC can drive from 169,000 euros, according to Monceau. Exclusive of VAT …

Monceau will officially present the Mercedes eSL and eSLC to the world in June 2021. The cars are scheduled to be delivered to the first customers in 2022. Interested? As a foretaste, you can already configure your own electric Monceau-Mercedes online.

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