Skoda Enyaq iV: range measured at 100 and 130 km / h

What do we do with every new electric car? We are conducting an action range test! There are two versions of the Skoda Enyaq iV: the ’60’ with a net battery capacity of 58 kWh (WLTP: 390 kilometers) and the ’80’ with a usable capacity of 77 kWh. Skoda mentions a range of 537 kilometers for this. That creates high expectations!

During the test drives it is dry and clear, but still cool at about 8 degrees Celsius. The route starts and ends at the same point to eliminate the influence of wind and elevation changes. The 100 km / h test consists of two measurements and we take the average.

Skoda Enyaq iV: range at 100 km / h

At 100 km / h, the Skoda Enyaq iV has an average power consumption of 19.1 kWh / 100 km. Would you completely empty a full battery of 77 kWh, then you come 403 kilometer watch.

This means that the electric Skoda is just as economical with electricity as the Polestar 2 and the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The Skoda even beats the Volkswagen: the ID.4 does 20.9 kWh / 100 km, so that its 77 kWh battery has to be charged after 368 kilometers.

Skoda Enyaq iV: range at 130 km / h

The last time we went to Germany for the 130 km / h test was with the Mercedes EQA. It scored 26.6 kWh / 100 km, the Polestar 2 settled for 25 kWh / 100 km and the Ford Mustang Mach-E did 28 kWh / 100 km. The Volkswagen ID.4 clocked in a fairly high power consumption of 29.8 kWh / 100 km.

And how did the Skoda Enyaq iV fare? Good! A neat 26.2 kWh / 100 km. This increases the range at 130 km / h 293 kilometer.


The Skoda Enyaq iV falls into the large electric SUV segment. If you stand next to the Polestar 2 at the fast charger, you can clearly see how much higher the Skoda is.

With the knowledge that large electric SUVs consume a lot of power, the Enyaq iV 80 knows how to surprise us in a positive way. It is even slightly more economical than the technically similar Volkswagen ID.4. During the day on the highway you can reach 403 kilometers on a battery charge of electricity and that is enough for most motorists.

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