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The news baffled everyone in F1: “I still don’t understand why Nico Rosberg has quit”

Nico Rosberg celebrates the F1 title in 2016
Photo: Daimler Media

James Vowles, Chief Strategist at the Mercedes F1 team, more than four years after Nico Rosberg’s sudden departure, still does not understand why the German gave up after his F1 world title.

The news hit like a bomb at the time, a few days after he became world champion in 2016, Nico Rosberg announced that he would hang his helmet on the willows. Not only was the surprise great among the fans, but also with his team Mercedes they fell completely out of the blue, according to James Vowles in the podcast ‘Beyond The Grid.’

“Toto called us into his office and we didn’t know what to expect,” said Vowles. “But even if Toto would have said, ‘You can list five things you think I’ll talk about,’ the fact that Nico would quit would never have occurred.”

“It was a bizarre moment. Even now, it’s hard to understand why he asked to be terminated, even though he couldn’t beat Lewis anymore. He had a good car, he was going to win races and be part of a team that was doing something incredible. ”

“He must have had very personal reasons for it. He had clearly achieved what he wanted, but it was a very big shock. ”

Despite his young age, no one has managed to entice Rosberg back to get behind the wheel of an F1 car. The German is working as an analyst at ‘Sky’ and is now also team owner of a racing team in the electric off-road racing series ‘Extreme E’.

In this racing class, two acquaintances from Formula 1, including Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, are working with their team, Button also gets behind the wheel himself.

In the first Extreme E race of the season, Rosberg was already thriving as his team won the first race in Saudi Arabia.

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