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Review Skoda Enyaq iV in the Netherlands: this important Skoda feature is missing

What stands out about the Skoda Enyaq iV (2021)?

If you test the Skoda Enyaq iV, you cannot escape a comparison with the Volkswagen ID.4. They are both on the MEB platform, which means that they are equally powerful (204 hp and 310 Nm) and have the same battery (58 or 77 kWh). But if you put the Skoda and the Volkswagen side by side, the ID.4 turns into a cuddly panda. How big and round it is! The Enyaq iV is just tough for the day, with its angry headlights, sharp folds and large vertical grille that does not let air through, but shows that there is a Skoda in front of you.

The interior is also different. In the Enyaq iV you have the feeling of sitting in a normal car. You look at a conventional dashboard that, while looking high-quality and high-tech, is not as simplistic as that of the Volkswagen ID.4. As if the designers of Skoda thought: the switch to electric driving is exciting enough, let’s just keep the rest a little familiar.

By the way, Skoda’s first electric SUV is an impressive car. Especially when it is on 21-inch alloy. The substantial exterior dimensions translate into a spacious cabin with plenty of leg and headroom. Even with the optional glass roof, your crown won’t hit the ceiling. The trunk measures 585 to 1710 liters (ID.4: 543 to 1575 liters) and the towing weight is 1000 kilos. Versions to be released with two electric motors are allowed to pull 1400 kilos.

What’s good about the Skoda Enyaq iV?

While driving you will clearly notice that the Enyaq iV and ID.4 are family. The Skoda has the same direct steering, rock-solid road holding and pleasant tuning that we were so positive about in our review of the Volkswagen ID.4. It makes the Enyaq iV ideal for long distances. You also discover the family ties in the menus. Because although Skoda opts for a small set of instruments and a large touchscreen, the display, layout and menu structure are broadly similar.

Speaking of long distances: the range of the Skoda Enyaq iV 80 is ample. If you drive 100 km / h, you get 403 kilometers on a full battery. That is 35 kilometers more range than the ID.4, while both cars have a battery pack of 77 kWh.

The biggest plus of the Skoda Enyaq iV? It has all the goodness of the Volkswagen ID.4, but it is easier to use. No blood-irritating touch buttons on the steering wheel, just physical buttons and a separate satellite for the adaptive cruise control. Another way in which life on board is made easier is with the many handy boxes, pockets and clips that Skoda is known for. The most famous examples of ‘Simply Clever’ are the umbrella in the door and the ice scraper in the fuel filler flap. For theft reasons, the ice scraper has been moved to the tailgate.

What could be better about the Skoda Enyaq iV?

Such a large 13-inch touchscreen is cool, but it does have a lot of icons on it. Especially along the bottom and top edge. And so you hover your index finger in front of the screen doubtfully; what shall I press… Of course you will learn the way automatically, but it remains a complicated menu.

One important Skoda feature is missing from the Enyaq iV: it is not competitively priced. The Skoda models have been the affordable alternative to an expensive Volkswagen for 20 years, but the Enyaq iV loses the price comparison with the Volkswagen ID.4.

“The Skoda is more expensive than the Volkswagen and that’s not right.”

Look at our test car: the iV 80 starts at 47,780 euros, but you have to pay extra for essential systems such as adaptive cruise control, a navigation system, a heat pump for energy-efficient heating and the option of fast charging with 125 kW. Then the iV 80 suddenly costs 51,280 euros.

We look at the ID.4 with 77 kWh: for 47,790 euros, it includes adaptive cruise control, a navigation system and 125 kW fast charging. Only the heat pump costs extra. Total price for the ID.4: 49,061 euros. The Skoda is therefore more expensive than the Volkswagen and that should not be.

When will the Skoda Enyaq iV come and what is the price?

There are two versions of the Skoda Enyaq iV: the ’60’ with 58 kWh and 180 hp from 40,780 euros and the ’80’ with 77 kWh and 204 hp from 47,780 euros. As we explained above, it is wise to reserve a few thousand euros extra to complete the car.

From April 19, the Enyaq iV will be at the Skoda dealer and the first cars will be delivered. The fastest way to get one is to order a First Edition version. Because of all the extra options, those versions are 9,000 to 14,000 euros more expensive than the regular iV 60 and iV 80. In that case, we have retained the calculation example for question 3 …

The Enyaq iV 50 will be launched later this year, with a smaller battery pack, an 11-inch touchscreen (instead of 13-inch) and a nicer price tag. The Enyaqs with four-wheel drive and a towing weight of 1400 kilos are also in the planning for 2021.

What do I think of the Skoda Enyaq iV?

Skoda is the brand of the spacious cars and practicality. This has made the Enyaq iV a better family car than the Volkswagen ID.4. Without sacrificing its solid handling and long-distance comfort. I already think the ID.4 is one of the best electric family cars at the moment and Enyaq iV is better than that.

But beware: from this moment. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is coming, followed by the Kia EV6 and the Nissan Ariya. Based on the photos and the specs, I expect the most from the Ioniq 5. Also because it can charge almost twice as fast. So if you can spend about 50 grand on an electric SUV, it is wise to wait a little longer. No matter how difficult that is.

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