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With the electric Mercedes EQS you are not often at the charging station

An electric S-class, that’s how you should see the Mercedes EQS. But under the skin, the two models have nothing to do with each other. The EQS is on a special electro platform, which is also used for the upcoming EQE, EQE SUV and EQS SUV. When the EQS comes onto the market in the summer, it will be available in two versions: as EQS 450+ and as EQS 580 4Matic +. Mercedes will later also introduce an EQS 350 and a 763 hp AMG version.

Mercedes EQS 450+ with a range of 770 kilometers

The Mercedes EQS 450+ is rear-wheel drive, has a 333 hp and 568 Nm of electric motor and a battery capacity of 107.8 kWh. It goes to 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds and reaches a top of 210 km / h, but much more important is of course the range. According to Mercedes, that is a maximum of 770 kilometers. Charging can be done on an 11 kW wallbox (10 hours charging time) or with a charging capacity of up to 200 kW on a fast charger. The battery is then 80 percent full again after 31 minutes. Incidentally, a 22 kW charging option is optional. This shortens the wallbox time to 5 hours.

Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic + has 524 hp

Then the provisional top model, the Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic +. As the name implies, it has four-wheel drive. Its two engines have a combined power of 524 hp and 855 Nm, which enables a sprint to 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds. As with the EQS 450+, the top is limited to 210 km / h. The range of the EQS 580 with 107.8 kWh battery is not yet known, but will in any case be lower than that of the EQS 450+. There will also be versions of the EQS with a 90 kWh battery.

Most sleek production car in the world

How did Mercedes manage the impressive range of the EQS? Among other things, by aerodynamically optimizing the body of the limousine. With a Cd value of only 0.20, the EQS is the most streamlined production car in the world. Due to its smooth four-door coupé-like appearance, the car appears smaller than it is. Because in reality, the EQS is a huge car. It is 5.21 meters long, almost 2 meters wide and weighs 2585 kilos. To make it a bit manageable, it has a 4.5 degree steering rear axle as standard (optionally even 10 degrees!).

Optional Hyperscreen covers the entire dashboard

We wrote about the interior of the EQS before. Buyers can choose from two different dashboards. The first is strongly reminiscent of the dashboard from the new Mercedes S-class, with a large ‘loose’ screen that rises diagonally from the center console. Optional is the so-called Hyperscreen, which actually turns the entire dashboard into one display. It consists of a central 17.7 inch screen, with two 12.3 inch screens on each side.

First Mercedes with over-the-air updates

On the display on the right, the passenger can, for example, watch videos or browse the Internet. A smart system monitors whether the driver is also looking at the passenger screen while driving. If so, the display is dimmed so that the driver can no longer watch. Furthermore, the EQS is the first Mercedes where you can order over-the-air updates, such as the aforementioned 10-degree steering rear axle, for example, but also extra driving functions, games and apps.

Up to 60 km / h highly autonomous driving

Furthermore, the Mercedes EQS (optional) is equipped with doors that open automatically when you walk towards the car with the key in your pocket. With the Digital Light headlamps, the EQS can also project all kinds of warnings and instructions onto the road surface in front of the car. That is one way of communicating with other road users. Furthermore, the plug-in Mercedes has about 350 sensors, which make Drive Pilot possible, among other things. With this system, the EQS can drive almost autonomously in traffic jams or in slow-moving traffic up to 60 km / h.

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