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Villa Michael Schumacher put up for sale in Switzerland

For EUR 5.8 million, Corinna and Michael Schumacher’s villa on Lake Geneva can be yours.

Almost twenty years ago Michael Schumacher bought the villa in question, “Sur le Moulin”, in Switzerland in order to escape the crowds from time to time and spend time with his family.

What was also important to the Schumachers when purchasing the villa was the fact that there is also a riding school on the domain because Mrs. Schumacher is passionate about horses. In 2002 Schumacher paid 3.5 million euros for the two-hectare domain.

The rumor is now often spread that the Schumachers have sold their estate in the Swiss Gland for 58 million. According to the same rumors, this would have happened to help pay for the treatment of Michael Schumacher after his skiing accident a few years ago.

However, that is not the case. The estate “Le reserve” on Lake Geneva remains the base of the family.

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