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Sebastian Vettel from fierce criticism of F1 race management: “Did they have a problem with the coffee machine?”

Sebastian Vettel
Foto: Aston Martin F1 team

After the Emilia-Romagna GP, Sebastian Vettel criticized the stewards and race management. The four-time F1 champion does not understand why it took him so long to receive a penalty that could be clearly determined before the start of the race.

On the way to the starting grid, the two Aston Martin cars had to deal with brakes that overheated. At Stroll, the team managed to fix the problem before the race started, but at Vettel, the four tires were not mounted on time before the deadline.

At Aston Martin it was decided to take Vettel in his car towards the pit lane so that the work could be completed there. At that time it was already clear that Vettel would be punished, but it took until lap 22 before the stewards imposed a penalty on Vettel, which the German finds “unprofessional”.

“I don’t know why they were so late, but it was clear from the start,” Vettel told Sky Germany.

“I don’t know what the stewards were doing, maybe there was a problem with the coffee machine’s filter!” Vettel then joked.

“I think we could have done a better race if the FIA ​​was more alert because I think we didn’t respect a rule, we got the punishment for that.”

“They didn’t give a damn, however, well into the race. By then the punishment cost us a lot more than if we had received the penalty earlier in the race. That is not very professional. ”

FIA Race Director Michael Masi said in a comment that the time between the completion of a report by an FIA technical delegate and the time when the stewards dealt with the case was not extraordinary. Vettel eventually gave up two laps before the end of the race due to a technical problem.

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