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It has happened! Judoka Jorre Verstraeten shatters Mathieu van der Poel’s record in The Container Cup

The miracle has happened. Mathieu van der Poel has lost his overall record in The Container Cup. Judoka Jorre Verstraeten is the first to succeed in knocking MVP off the throne in the container. Verstraeten crushed the best time of the Dutch cycling phenomenon by no less than 43 seconds.

Jorre Verstraeten, remember that name until July 24th. Then the men’s competition in judo in the -60 kilograms category is planned at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. And Jorre Verstraeten could surprise you there, just like he did on Wednesday evening in The Container Cup.

The 23-year-old block of concrete from Leuven impressed from the first to the last test. It started with a new running record on the 1,500 meters (4 minutes and 22 seconds). What followed was the second best performance ever on the monkey bars (158 pieces!), A decent wave (107 meters) and a decent rowing number (3 minutes and 25 seconds). In the shooting it seemed to go wrong (only 2 out of 5), but then came the most impressive number from Verstraeten.

As a 60-kilogram guy, Verstraeten pushed no less than 120 kilograms up on the bench press. That is more than, among others, basketball giant Jean-Marc Mwema – who weighs more than 100 kilograms himself – could. Only colleague Matthias Casse (140 kilograms) ever did better, but he fights two weight classes higher. In cycling, Verstraeten held up more than well (4 minutes and 53 seconds) and that gave him the very strong end time of 8 minutes and 7 seconds. A crushing of Mathieu van der Poel’s previous record (8 minutes and 50 seconds).

Jorre Verstraeten’s gun time would almost make us forget that Thierry Neuville also put in a great performance in the container just before. The five-time vice world rally champion had taken it as a personal mission to show that car pilots are also top athletes and accomplished that task with verve.

Neuville did not have a single weak moment and settled in the top three of this season in six of the seven tests. Only shooting (2 out of 5) was a bit more difficult. One shot more hit and Neuville had settled in second place past Luka van den Keybus, but the sympathetic rally driver has to be content with third place for the time being. With the rowing record (3 minutes and 12 seconds) and the golf record (119 meters) of this season as a nice bonus. “I learned to play golf from top players Thomas Pieters and Nicolas Colsaerts”, he admitted.

Ranking men

1 Jorre Verstraeten 8: 07.53

2 Luka van den Keybus 9:00. 89

3 Thierry Neuville 9.04.89

4 Jean-Marc Good 9: 23.32

5 Tim Declercq 9:36.25

6 Jarni Amorgaste 9: 38.86

7 Jasper Philipsen 10: 16.15

8 Hendrik Tuerlinckx 10.28:87

9 Stoffel Vandoorne 10:41.69

10 Louis Croenen 11:47.50

11 Ewoud Vromant 14: 33.73

Ranking women

1 Lotte Kopecky 10:18.47

2 Delfine Persoon 10: 40.36

3 Lize Broekx 10: 41.86

4 Mad Max 12:54.28

5 Loena Hendrickx 12: 57.36

6 Lianne Tan 13: 00.85

7 Julie German 13: 02.60

Following candidates:

Tia Hellebaut

Kim Gevaert


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