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Toyota wants to become CO2 neutral, but still lobbies against emissions regulations

In the press release about the bZ4X Concept, Toyota talks about “achieving carbon neutrality”, “environmental benefits”, “contributing to a better environment” and “making the world a better place for everyone”. Beautiful words, which are unfortunately relentlessly undercut by Toyota’s lobbying activities.

Hard resistance to the Paris climate agreement

The Japanese manufacturer has been fiercely opposed to the Paris climate agreement since 2015. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, BMW, Daimler, Fiat Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and Toyota in particular spend many millions on lobbying against, among other things, stricter emission requirements and the various European government bans on fuel cars from 2030.

Toyota backed US President Trump

In doing so, Toyota supported US President Trump in his fight against all kinds of environmental regulations. Trump has overturned more than 100 pieces of legislation in four years, mostly on air pollution, animal protection, water pollution, and more.

The Trump administration also sued the US state of California, which has been exempt from emissions regulations since the 1970s. These are much stricter in California than in the rest of the US. Toyota backed Trump’s case against California. That is, until Joe Biden became president… Then Toyota suddenly withdrew its support.

Toyota does not want the US to bet on electric cars

Last month, Toyota got negative in the news with its lobbying activities. The manufacturer tried to convince the Biden government not to bet on fully electric cars. President Biden has announced that in a few years’ time all US government vehicles must be electric. And that’s bad for Toyota, which doesn’t have EVs yet.

Toyota will be scrutinizing lobbying activities

But Toyota has now changed its mind. In a brief statement to Reuters news agency, the company said it would be scrutinizing its lobbying activities. Toyota will see if they are in line with the long-term goals of the Paris agreement. We already know the answer: no! But Toyota still needs some time for that …

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