Stellantis puts very expensive Alfa Romeo Giulia / Stelvio platform in the bulky waste

A problem with Alfa Romeo and Fiat is that there is no continuity in the model ranges. For example, the Fiat Punto was retired, but no successor was ready. And at Alfa Romeo, the delivery program – after the demise of the Mito and Giulietta – has been reduced to only the Giulia and Stelvio.

There were big plans for the Alfa Romeo Giorgio platform

The latter two are on a rear-wheel drive platform called Giorgio. It debuted in 2016 and is said to be the basis of a revival for Alfa Romeo. But … as so often happens with Fiat Chrysler, little of the big plans came to fruition. There should have been fifteen Giorgio models. So far there are two.

Development has cost Fiat Chrysler many billions

The development of the Giorgio platform has cost Fiat Chrysler billions. It would also be used for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Maserati models, but it never happened. And now it is being exchanged for a new platform (STLA), which is suitable for electrification.

Alfa Romeo Tonale not Alfa-worthy and therefore postponed

It was recently announced that the new Alfa Romeo Tonale will be postponed. The compact SUV is still based on Jeep technology and has a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Alfa Romeo’s new boss, Jean-Philippe Imparato, believes the Tonale is not Alfa-worthy and has returned the model to the drawing board. The electrified powertrain must be better, according to the French.

Alfa director: ‘Alfa Romeo needs stability’

All future Alfa Romeos will be (partly) electric. “If we don’t, we’ll be dead,” Imparato said in an interview with Italian journalists. “What needs to change is that we do not have a different strategy every day: we need stability. We are now working on a ten-year plan, with the first five years fixed. We are no longer deviating from that.”

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