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“Football, just like F1, must introduce a budget ceiling”

Max Verstappen
Foto: Red Bull Racing

According to F1 boss Stefano Domenicali, the football world should take an example from Formula 1 and introduce a budget ceiling, he said in a conversation with ‘Sky TG24.’

In the history of Formula 1 it has come nearly twice as far that a number of teams wanted to leave the championship to continue on their own and we don’t have to look far for the reason: money.

The most recent crisis in this regard dates back to 2009 when a number of teams announced that they wanted to withdraw from Formula 1 because there was disagreement about the regulations from the following year and about the introduction of a budget cap. In the end it did not come to that and an exit of the various teams was avoided thanks to a new concorde agreement.

In 2021 there is a budget ceiling and that is a good thing, according to Stefano Domenicali. He even wants to draw a parallel with the current situation in European football, where a number of clubs wanted to start their own championship last week because of a disagreement about a new format of the ‘Champions League.’

“In Formula 1 we have already twice had a situation where there was a threat of a rupture and where we tried to organize another championship that would bring more results and more income,” explained Domenicali.

“Formula 1 is now starting with the opposite approach. We try to control costs. It is no coincidence that this year is the first year of the budget cap, which gives another dimension of financial sustainability to the teams. ”

“The football world, if I may put it that way, has to tackle this same problem and in a fairly quick way. It is important to weigh different interests against each other. ”

Looking to the future, Domenicali believes F1’s plans to move forward with hybrid technology and use greener, sustainable gasoline will keep brands interested in the sport.

“We will be a Formula 1 hybrid, and we will have eco-sustainable fuel,” he added.

“There are already a lot of activities like this that cut across society, and this gives F1 the opportunity to be a protagonist.”

A lesson that according to the F1 boss clearly still has to learn …

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