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Can today’s Fernando Alonso surpass that of 25 years ago?

Fernando Alonso
Photo: Alpine F1 team

Former Red Bull driver Mark Webber wonders aloud whether Fernando Alonso in 2021 is still as ‘fast and courageous’ as he used to be.

After two years of absence, we were able to greet Fernando Alonso with the Alpine F1 Team in Bahrain back on the F1 starting grid. As it looks so far, podium finishes, let alone victories, will be a daunting task in 2021, but all hope is for next season when new rules will apply in the sport.

But Alonso is no longer the youngest and his good friend Mark Webber also thinks that time is running out for the thirty-nine-year-old Spaniard.

“I’m a super fan of Fernando and he knows it,” Webber told Spanish Marca.

“He had something spectacular but I was concerned because I knew it wouldn’t be easy for him. If your name is Alonso, Schumacher, Lauda … comebacks can be complicated, as has been proven in many sports. ”

“I have no doubts about his motivation, far from it. It is extraordinary, very versatile with many types of cars, but Formula 1 has no patience. It’s the highest level, you can’t apologize and say ‘I need more time’. ”

“Why is that? Because you always have to be ready in F1 and he knows it. ”

Webber wonders how Alonso’s age will impact his performance. The Australian also sees parallels with the situation of MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi.

“That’s my question: Can Fernando today surpass the Fernando of 25 years ago?” Webber wonders.

“He’s just as good, he’s got more experience, but … is he really that fast, that brave? That’s a question only he can answer. I am always positive about him, but the facts are different. ”

“Look at Valentino Rossi. He’s having a hard time, it’s awful, I hate seeing him like that, I refuse to see him like that. We know he can turn it around because we trust him, but the stopwatch never lies, it’s the goddamn reality. ”

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