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Jos Verstappen: “When I see how easily Max performs, I realize how good he really is”

He may be the father of Max Verstappen and also been an F1 driver himself, his son continues to amaze him regularly. After all, Jos is currently also impressed by the start of the season that Max has had so far.

“When I see how easily Max performs, I realize how good he really is,” Jos Verstappen answered when Jack van Gelder asked him during an Instagram Live whether he is sometimes surprised about the qualities of his son Max.

“I have sometimes asked myself whether I was really that good myself in the past.”

According to Jos Verstappen, his son has currently found a good balance, both on and off the track.

“Max is very relaxed in normal life and handles everything very easily. I still see a lot in him from the past and that may be a good thing. He is very easy to handle everything, but as soon as he puts on his helmet and gets into the car he knows what to do. Then he is so very good. ”

This weekend Max Verstappen may again compete with Lewis Hamilton. Two races into the season, Verstappen is only one point behind Hamilton and there is an intense and super exciting battle.

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