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Three F1 teams only want monetary penalties for violating the budget ceiling

Max Verstappen
Foto: Red Bull Racing

Three F1 teams only want to pay a fine in case of a violation of the budget cap, and possible other sanctions are still being negotiated.

Since this F1 season, a budget cap has been introduced for the teams set at $ 145 million per year. If a team violates that rule, sanctions will follow, but three teams have already indicated that they only want to pay a monetary penalty in case of a violation.

The new FIA financial regulations state that in the event of a violation, a number of sanctions are possible, including financial penalties, placing the team concerned under supervision and also penalties at the sporting level.

During the last F1 committee, however, three teams have spoken out against sporting penalties, according to the latest reports these are Red Bull, AlphaTauri and Ferrari.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has confirmed that seven of the ten teams have agreed to Article 26 of the FIA ​​Financial Regulation, which lists the possible penalties.

In addition to monetary penalties, there is also a ‘minor Sporting Penalty’ or a ‘material Sporting penalty.’ This can range from the deduction of World Cup points to limiting the testing possibilities or, in the worst case, exclusion from the world championship.

“Three teams voted against. They would pay a fine, but they don’t want sporting penalties. That’s a bit strange, ”says Wolff. “The compromise we have reached now aims to understand why it is so and what regulations they feel are incomplete or which they question.”

“The goal we have set for ourselves is a few weeks to resolve it, and then everyone will understand that violations of the budget cap rules should be viewed in the same way as technical violations in terms of sporting penalties.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said on Friday that the penalties for fouls were “already clear”.

“There are currently talks about procedures, which because it is a new set of regulations, are all being fine-tuned,” Horner said.

“I hope that within a month everything will be clear regarding the procedures.”

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