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Mick Schumacher shows his potential in F1 for the first time

Mick Schumacher
Photo: Haas F1 team

Mick Schumacher drove a very strong race last Sunday. The 22-year-old son of seven-time F1 champion Michael Schumacher was clearly in the spotlight. Ross Brawn, Formula 1 managing director, was impressed, Schumacher himself spoke of a “challenging and difficult race”.

Schumacher again clearly outperformed his Russian teammate Nikita Mazepin, but there was more this time. In his uncompetitive Haas F1 team car, Schumacher managed for the first time this season to really compete with a driver from another team.

“It was a challenging race and unfortunately it is difficult to overtake on this track,” said Mick Schumacher on his Portuguese GP.

“It was tough to drive very close behind another car lap after lap, especially in the middle part of the circuit, where we were very strong. When you drive so close behind another car, your tires wear out enormously and it only gets more difficult. ”

“In the end we managed to make the Williams mistake and then we had more or less free track and were able to show our real speed.”

F1 boss impressed
Ross Brawn, Formula 1 managing director, was impressed by Mick Schumacher’s performance. According to Brawn, Mick has shown his potential.

“The Haas F1 car is clearly not one of the most competitive cars on the starting grid. Mick Schumacher knew what a big challenge he faced during his first F1 season, ”said Brawn, who once worked at Ferrari with his father Michael Schumacher.

“However, you have to make do with what you get and the little moments, like when he pressured Nicholas Latifi during the race and made a mistake, they matter.”

“This was a great example of the potential that Mick Schumacher has.”

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