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Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton: “We trust each other enough to race against each other at the limit”

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen
Photo: Daimler Media

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton say they trust and respect each other enough to engage in hard fights on the track.

This season we finally seem to have a real battle between two riders from different teams. Red Bull has shown with Max Verstappen that Lewis Hamilton will not get it as a gift in 2021. The two ruffs have regularly crossed swords on the track in the past three races.

For the time being that has not yet come to a head and according to Hamilton and Verstappen, we should not expect it right away.

“Yes, it has been really cool, especially when you race a driver, where you know you can go to the absolute limit, I think you can trust each other to just race super hard,” Verstappen said last weekend. hard wheel-to-wheel fights with Hamilton.

“I think that’s always a lot of fun, because you can see that in the three races … it has been very close, but predictable.”

“Lewis has never been like ‘oh, we’re going to crash’ or anything. I always have complete confidence in Lewis that we will all give each other enough space. ”

Hamilton, who has the upper hand in the conflict for now, agrees with his rival.

“Yes, I just agree,” he said. “I think of course it comes down to respect and I think racing is very, very hard but fair for both of us.”

“And I think that’s what makes great racing and great drivers and I think we’ll keep it clean and on the cutting edge. But I don’t think either of us has any plan to get any closer than we have already been, ”the world champion concludes with a joke.

So we can expect a beautiful, intense and at the same time fair battle for the world title for the rest of the F1 season.

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