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Top and flop: the good and bad car news from week 18

Top – The Citroën Ami Cargo is sooo cute!

Do you know the Citroën Ami? That tiny electric cube with a top speed of 45 km / h, in which you can drive without a driver’s license. There is now a van variant: the Citroën Ami Cargo. And to create a little more space for boxes, the miniscule company car no longer has a passenger seat.

Top – This electric Messerschmitt is yours for 13,000 euros

In the years after the Second World War, miniature cars made the European population mobile again. They were cheap, but also very small. One of the best-known bubble cars is the Messerschmitt Kabinenroller from 1953. You can now buy the KR new from a specialist in Germany, even with an electric powertrain if you wish.

Top – Dutchman puts two wheels too much under Mercedes X-Class

Many car enthusiasts still remember the Mercedes-AMG G 63 6×6, that completely nonsensical, but extremely popular creation with three axles and six wheels. A similar car is now for sale in the Netherlands, built by Classic Youngtimers from Uden: the Mercedes X-class 6 Wheeler.

Top – Win great prizes! will change to on 1 June will be renamed on 1 June: And to celebrate, we’re giving away great prizes for two weeks from that date. We will explain more about this later. First, we’ll tell you about our name change.

Flop – Call Guinness World Records! Because the price of petrol has never been so high

It is not a record to cheer up, but we managed to do it: the price of petrol in the Netherlands has never been higher. The suggested retail price for a liter is now 1,897 euros. And with that, the record of 2021 has been broken.

Flop – Sales figures 2021: These cars were not bought at all!

April 2020 was a disaster month for the Dutch car market. At the height of the corona panic, hardly anyone bought a four-wheeler anymore. It is therefore not surprising that sales rose by 55.6 percent last month. But not all models are benefiting from this revival. Nobody bought these cars at all in the first three months of this year.

Flop – Chip shortage: 3000 employees are temporarily at home at VLD Nedcar

It’s a problem that affects the entire automotive industry: the global shortage of computer chips. At VDL Nedcar in Born – where models for BMW and Mini are made – production was halted for two days last week. As a result, some 3,000 employees did not have to show up for work. This week the factory closed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Flop – Tesla: ‘Elon Musk can tweet whatever he wants, there will be no self-driving cars’

We still have a bet with a Dutch auto journalist from another medium. He firmly believes in Elon Musk and said two years ago confidently that there would be self-driving Teslas by 2020. We are more skeptical. And we were right. Because whatever Musk tweets, his own company now contradicts him. There will certainly not be any autonomous models from Tesla soon.

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