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Lewis Hamilton wants a new Mercedes contract by the summer break in Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton
Photo: Mercedes F1 team

Hamilton has said he wants to have clarity about his future before the end of July this year, unlike last year when negotiations dragged on forever.

It took until February this year before white smoke could be seen about Lewis Hamilton’s contract extension with Mercedes for the current season. Moreover, the world champion only signed a one-year contract and therefore a new agreement has to be made again this year.

The world champion has already announced that he hopes a new contract will be on the table this year by the summer break at the end of July.

“We never want to be in the position we found ourselves in in January, in February,” Hamilton said in Barcelona.

“It ruined my whole winter and I’m sure it wasn’t good for Toto in terms of getting away from it all and relaxing. It felt like we didn’t really have much of a break. ”

“I think we have to be reasonable. Of course we don’t have to rush anything, but I think we have to be sensible and start the conversations. ”

“They are very complex. It is never a super simple procedure and so hopefully we can start quickly, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of our current job. We still have nineteen races to go, but it would be great to arrange something before the summer break so that we can have a clear picture of the future. ”

Hamilton has previously announced that he also wants to be on the starting grid with Mercedes in 2022, when the new rules will take effect in F1. But on the other hand, if he takes his eighth world title this year, there is a good chance that he will hang his helmet at the end of this season.

But he will not receive that eighth world title as a gift this year because Max Verstappen has already shown that he is a formidable competitor for the world title. Undoubtedly to be continued …

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