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Nervousness at Lewis Hamilton ?: “We have to put pressure on the FIA ​​so that they control the Red Bull F1 car better”

According to Lewis Hamilton, the FIA ​​needs to step up its game and urgently check the flexibility of the Red Bull rear wing more strictly. After all, Hamilton fears that Red Bull, for example, will benefit enormously during the Azerbaijan GP due to its ‘flexible’ rear wing.

“That rear wing will probably mean at least six tenths in Baku,” Hamilton told Sky Sports.

“I think we need to put pressure on the FIA ​​to do their job better and control things better, you know …”

For example, if you look at the last race, we were supposed to all keep our tire warmers on the tires during qualifying. However, Red Bull was allowed to take its tire warmers from it, nobody else was allowed to. “

“I just think we need to make sure they are consistent for everyone.”

Finally, Hamilton also had praise for the creators of the rear wing at Red Bull.

“You have to recognize that the engineers are incredible geniuses. If you give them a little leeway, they will use it. ”

It should be clear, despite the fact that Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are leading the championship, there is a nervousness. After all, the F1 season is still long and details can decide the title battle …

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