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Bite, swallow, go! Such a large ‘mouth’ has the electric Ford F-150 Lightning

Americans are weird. They buy way too big pick-ups en masse that they don’t really need at all. In the top ten of the best-selling cars in the United States in 2020, there are no fewer than five trucks: the Toyota Tacoma in ten (238,806 units), the GMC Sierra in nine (253,016), the Ram 1500 (563,676), the Chevrolet Silverado (586,675). ) and the Ford F-150 (787422). The latter has been there for decades.

Old name returns on the Ford F-150 Lightning

So it is a ‘big deal’ for Americans that the F-150 is now on the market with an electric powertrain. The shock was even big when Ford introduced a hybrid version. For the electrical version, the manufacturer dusts off an old type designation: Lightning. It was also used from 1993 to 1995 and from 1999 to 2004 for a high performance version of the F-150: the SVT Lightning.

Two electric motors with 571 hp and 1050 Nm

And high performance is the new Ford F-150 Lightning too. It has two electric motors with a total of 571 hp and 1050 Nm. With this, the nearly 3000 kilogram heavy truck (it does not reach the weight of the GMC Hummer EV) sprints to 100 km / h in about 4.5 seconds. According to Ford, two battery packs will be available for the F-150 Lightning. The small one has a range of 370 kilometers, the large one for 480 kilometers.

The F-150 Lightning can power your home

The F-150 Lightning can fast charge with up to 150 kW. Then the battery (which of the two Ford does not report) is 80 percent full again in about 40 minutes. It takes about 8 hours to charge up to 100 percent at a normal charging station or wallbox. Interestingly, the F-150 Lightning can also return power. With Ford Intelligent Backup Power it is possible to supply a home with electricity, for example in the event of a breakdown.

May tow a trailer of up to 4500 kilos

Ford has not developed a completely new platform for the F-150 Lightning. It is based on the regular F-150, but with a reinforced frame and independent rear suspension. A maximum of 907 kilos of items may be loaded in the loadback. In the front of the enormous ‘frunk’, 400 liters of luggage can fit. The F-150 Lightning can also pull a trailer of no less than 4500 kilos, but that will not do the range any good.

Power outlets for laptop, TV, and more

Although Ford has also thought of that. There are sensors in the cargo box of the F-150 Lightning that can measure how much weight is in it. Based on this, the on-board computer of the pick-up adjusts the expected range. There are sockets in the front and back to which you can connect tools, a laptop, a TV, or more. The ‘frunk’ contains an easy-to-clean container in which you can cool food or drinks with ice.

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