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Former FIA boss Max Mosley passed away at the age of 81

Sad news from the motorsport world again. After we had to say goodbye to, among others, Niki Lauda and former FIA race director Charlie Whiting in recent years in Formula 1, former FIA boss Max Mosley has now passed away.

Mosley was a lawyer and a racing driver himself, although he did not make it to Formula 1. In the 1970s, Mosley entered Formula 1 when he founded March Engineering, which would be very successful in various motorsport classes. For example, three F1 races were won in the 1970s.

Max Mosley’s role in Formula 1, however, would become much grander. After all, Mosley became good friends with Bernie Ecclestone who ruled Formula 1 with an iron fist and, as legal advisor, he would also be at the basis of the very first ‘Concorde Agreement’ in Formula 1 that defines the commercial and financial interests between Formula 1 and Formula 1. the teams.

In 1993 Max Mosley became the president of the FIA. Barely a year later, Formula 1 went through a very difficult period after the death of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger and Mosley was one of the driving forces to make the sport safer.

However, Mosley was not an impeccable figure either. Prior to his final resignation in 2009, he was accused of being too close to F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, which prevented him from being completely impartial when decisions had to be made on important matters.

In addition, Mosley also became involved in a sex scandal in which a compromising image of him surfaced, something for which Mosley ‘The News of the World‘was taken to court.

Ultimately, however, Mosley will be remembered above all for his many years of efforts at the FIA ​​to make the motorsport world a safer place. According to many, Mosley achieved things in it that others could never have achieved. Mosley is said to have died at the age of 81 from blood cancer.

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