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Do you like to make noise with your car? Rotterdam takes you with a special speed camera

In the past year, Rotterdam has investigated the noise nuisance in the center. In a few places in the city, the situation was monitored with audio and video equipment for two months. In total, 16,000 noise peaks of 80 decibels or higher were measured. Further investigation showed that the majority of the peaks were caused by a group of about 100 motorists, some of whom caused nuisance sixteen times a day.

Rotterdam wants a speed camera that can measure decibels

The camera images are not sharp enough to read license plates, so the researchers from the municipality had to look at the car model and body color. The next step is to develop a measuring instrument that can immediately link the nuisance to a license plate. A speed camera that can measure decibels. In Rotterdam they start with it in the summer. The pilot project will last six months.

Noise pollution from cars is also an issue in other cities

What happens next is not yet clear. The municipality may not just fine people based on license plate. Due to the privacy law, Rotterdam is not allowed to pass on license plates to the police just like that. This requires a change in the law. According to Rotterdam, other cities are also interested in the project. Because the problem of a small group of motorists that causes a lot of noise nuisance is also an issue in Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, for example.

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