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“F1 piloting is a job like any other, why resign?”

Sebastian Vettel
Foto: Aston Martin F1 team

Former F1 driver Jacques Villeneuve laughs at the criticism of Sebastian Vettel and the insinuations that the German should stop. According to Villeneuve, F1 driver is a job like any other and he does not think Vettel should ‘resign’ himself.

Usually Villeneuve is someone who doesn’t mince words and gives his opinion in plain sight. This is often followed by fierce criticism of a driver or team, but this time he is standing up for the much criticized Sebastian Vettel.

After some very difficult seasons at Ferrari, Vettel appeared to be at the F1 exit, but eventually the four-time F1 champion made the switch to the Aston Martin F1 team at the end of 2020. There, too, Vettel experienced the necessary difficulties during the first races and had to be inferior to teammate Lance Stroll.

However, at the Monaco GP, Vettel took a handsome fifth place and his first points for Aston Martin this season. It’s easier to show your talent on a Monaco street circuit and Vettel clearly still has it in him.

“The race weekend in Monaco was good, the races before that were a continuation of the two miserable years at Ferrari,” the 1997 F1 champion told Motorsport-Magazin. “In Monaco he made the difference.”

Villeneuve therefore does not think that Sebastian Vettel should leave Formula 1 and sit at home.

“People always say, ‘He’s not winning, so he has to stop,’” said Villeneuve. “But it’s like everything else in life: being an F1 driver is also a job. It’s fun to race, but it’s also a job.”

“With this you pay for your children’s education and everything else just like anyone else.”

“If you can still drive in Formula 1, if you’re somewhat competitive, you enjoy it and you make millions from it, why stop?”

“Maybe if you’re scared or something? But I always think this is the craziest question people ask me.”

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