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Thanks to a clever trick by Red Bull, 39,000 fans during the Austrian GP

During the Austrian GP, ​​there will be as many as 39,000 fans in the stands, while in Austria normally a maximum of 3,000 people can be present at outdoor events. dr. Helmut Marko explains in a conversation with ““ how a clever trick ensures that many more fans will be present in Austria.

With 39,000 fans, the Austrian GP will be the race with the most spectators by far. However, there is a corona measure in Austria that states that a maximum of 3,000 people may be present at outdoor activities. And according to Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko, a trick of the organization ensures that that rule can be circumvented.

“The stands all have their own entrance and exit,” said Marko during an interview with ‘’.

“That means that each stand is a unit in itself and that they do not come into contact with each other.”

The 13 stands with an audience around the Red Bull Ring are therefore events in themselves, which do not form a major overarching event. This means that 39,000 fans can attend the Austrian GP instead of a maximum of 3,000.

“Red Bull has already proven what a great organization it is and how they can organize things very efficiently, with test certificates, studies, or what is prescribed by the government. I therefore assume that we will have an acceptable amount of spectators.”

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