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Max Verstappen: “I don’t care about Hamilton’s psychological games”

Max Verstappen
Foto: Red Bull Racing

Max Verstappen says he’s focused on his track performance and doesn’t care about Lewis Hamilton’s mind games.

Prior to the Monaco GP, world champion Lewis Hamilton added fuel to the fire by stating that the aggression in Verstappen’s driving style is there because the Dutchman feels the urge to prove himself.

After his dominant victory in Monaco, Verstappen announced that he did not want to be caught by the psychological games of Lewis Hamilton and he repeated that on Thursday in Baku. He also emphasizes that his relationship with Hamilton is one based on mutual trust and if the world champion wants to play such games, Verstappen says he will be ready.

“I don’t really care if the psychological games come, to be honest, Verstappen said in Baku on Thursday.

“I think Lewis said after the race that he doesn’t want to play games like that. So we just have to focus on what we have to do on the track and I think that’s what we do. That is also the best.”

“Whatever is said here (in the press conference), can sometimes end up being a bit emotional, after or before a race. Sometimes it also depends on how you get the question asked.”

“So it’s okay. I think Lewis and I really respect each other and I think that’s really important.”

Verstappen starts the weekend as leader in the world championship standings, but that doesn’t mean he will rest on his laurels. He even assumes that Mercedes is still stronger than Red Bull on normal circuits.

“I still think they are ahead of us on normal tracks,” said Verstappen. “But I think we’ve had a great start so far this season compared to the other seasons.

“We just have to keep this up, we have to keep improving, we have to keep adding new things to the car to try to improve it. Then I think we have a very good chance.”

“But so far it is of course very positive that we are leading the championship.”

“Obviously it’s great to be first, but it’s more important where you end up after the last race in Abu Dhabi.”

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