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Lewis Hamilton criticizes F1 cars that are becoming ‘heavier’: “That is not really ecological”

Lewis Hamilton
Photo: Daimler Media

Over the years, F1 cars have become bigger and heavier. This has been criticized in the past, but seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton raised the subject again recently in Baku.

In addition to being a champion for more diversity and against racism for many years, Hamilton is also a ‘green’ boy. Hamilton wants us to do more for nature and the environment, something that is not really in line with being an F1 driver where you drive laps in a fuel-guzzling F1 car.

Yet Hamilton also wants to contribute in that area by criticizing the increasing weight of the F1 cars and its impact on the environment.

In 1995 an empty F1 car without fuel weighed 595 kg. by 2010, that was already 620 kg and with the introduction of the hybrid engines in 2014, that weight increased to 691 kg. However, it didn’t stop there because due to various regulation changes in recent years, including the introduction of the Halo, the weight increased further to 752 kg.

“I don’t understand why F1 cars are getting heavier, especially when you know that there is more and more talk about making the sport more sustainable,” said Hamilton last weekend in Baku.

“By making the cars heavier and heavier, you use more and more fuel. That’s not really the right direction you’re going.”

According to Hamilton, the current F1 cars have also ensured that racing has not become easier, especially on certain circuits.

“Lighter cars are more manoeuvrable, in Baku you have wide sections but on other tracks it is much narrower. In Monaco it was always almost impossible to overtake, but now the cars are simply too big for that track.”

“As I said, the F1 cars are getting heavier and that means we need more energy, bigger brakes, more brake dust and so on. I really don’t understand that.”

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