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“No surprise Fernando Alonso faces problems during F1 comeback”

Fernando Alonso
Photo: Alpine F1 team

Fernando Alonso faces a lot of difficulties during his comeback in Formula 1, something that comes as no surprise to Alain Prost.

Alonso, 39, admits that his comeback in Formula 1 is going to be difficult and that he has a lot of adjustment problems. Prior to his comeback, Alonso had said that this season would be a transition year and that the focus will be on 2022.

Alain Prost, four-time F1 champion and special adviser to the Alpine F1 team, is also not surprised by the difficulties Alonso is experiencing during his comeback.

“I’m not surprised he needs time,” said Prost on this week’s ‘F1 Nation podcast’. ”It takes time. The simulator is good, but you have to feel really comfortable in your car.”

“In addition, there is also the physical condition, what we call physiology, the stomach, the whole body, your vision, the head. Also don’t forget that he had a bike accident and you don’t know what effect that could have, so I was a bit worried.”

Prost says that Alonso is making progress, something we already saw in Baku. Alonso finished sixth, the best result since his comeback.

“However, he is getting better. I don’t think he’s top yet. He knows that himself and we expect him to perform better at the French GP, which is a different track. It’s a wider track that he knows. We’ll see what it takes, but I’m not surprised it takes time,” concludes Prost.

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