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2021 may be the ‘last chance’ for Max Verstappen and Red Bull to become F1 champions

Max Verstappen
Foto: Red Bull Racing

Former world champion Jenson Button thinks 2021 will be some sort of ‘last chance’ for Red Bull and Max Verstappen to become world champions given the uncertainty there will be if Red Bull takes over Honda’s engine program next year.

Last weekend Max Verstappen took the longest in France after an exciting battle with Lewis Hamilton. In this way he was able to further extend his lead in the standings for the world championship, but with only a third of the season behind him, it promises to be an exciting battle.

Next year it will be completely different
In 2022, however, the cards will be shuffled again with Honda pulling the plug at the end of this season and Red Bull continuing the engine program of the Japanese under its own management.

It is a step into the unknown for the Austrian formation. Button therefore asks aloud whether Red Bull is ready to take on the battle against Mercedes on the motor level.

Enjoying the Verstappen-Hamilton title fight
“Now we’ve come to the point where it doesn’t matter who wins, you know, it’s such a great championship that they’re fighting it out,” Button told Express Sport. “If Lewis wins an eighth title, that’s fantastic, and he totally deserves it.”

“But, you know, Max is trolling him. wow! A great achievement to enter this new era of F1.”

“You know, for Max and Red Bull this might be their last chance, or their first chance and last chance, to win a championship together.”

“Who knows what will happen if they take over the Honda power units.”

Verstappen doesn’t get it as a gift
Max Verstappen currently has the best chance of taking the world title in years but Button indicates that he will not get it as he has seen the best Hamilton of recent years this season. The seven-time world champion has undergone a metamorphosis, according to Button.

“He’s just confident in his own abilities, which is great, really great to see that he’s comfortable in his own skin,” Button commented.

“That’s the main topic of conversation for me of the year – how he’s changed this year.”

“He is so much calmer in the car. There’s still the adrenaline, right? And then you say things you might regret after the race.”

“But when he’s out of the car, he’s so calm. Monaco is a tough race you know, but I’ve learned a lot and I’m moving forward.”

“That’s great to hear. And I think it comes from his heart and it’s the truth, which is good.”

“But now I feel that he is comfortable in his own skin and says what he thinks, which is very good to see. And I think it’s the best Lewis Hamilton we’ve seen.”

The next episode in the Verstappen-Hamilton battle will be at the Red Bull Ring this weekend. After all, then the first of two races will be held in Austria: the GP of Styria.

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