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FIA boss Jean Todt: “I would like to see less controversy in F1”

Jean Todt, the president of the FIA, wants less controversy in motorsport, prompted by a number of disagreements in F1.

The F1 season is only seven races old, but there has been no shortage of riots about whether certain designs fall within the rules. There are already teams that have to adjust the design of their rear wing and there are also teams accused of taking advantage of adjusting the tire pressure.

Last year there was the case with the brake ducts of Racing Point’s ‘Pink Mercedes’, not to mention Ferrari signing an agreement with the FIA ​​after things turned out to be wrong in their engine design.

That agreement was also met with some frowns as its contents were not disclosed, leaving a tinge of bias and speculation surrounding it.

But FIA president Jean Todt does not want to say that and he says he is completely neutral in those kinds of controversies.

“More competition means more controversy,” he said. “And that’s our world. I would probably prefer to have less controversy in our sport. But that’s just the nature of our sport.”

Todt also wants to set up a structure to prevent further disagreements about the regulations, although he also realizes that it is in the nature of sport.

“Honestly, I’ve tried to avoid controversy and do as much as possible to bring people together. Which by the way, it’s something I said last year is probably one of the positives of Covid-19. It has allowed us all to work together in one direction.”

“There’s so much tension, so much competition, but again, it’s the nature of the sport. So you have a controversy about the flexibility of the wing, about the tire pressure, I could go on and on. What I really want is for us to have good governance and ethics in everything we do, good adherence to the rules in our sport.”

The Frenchman was shocked by the crashes in Baku following a tire blowout and he also urged that the technical guidelines on the use of the tires should be updated.

“Of course I’ve been very busy with that. As soon as it happened – I was not in Baku – I called our people. I called Mario Isola from Pirelli and I spoke to them several times.”

“The first thought was that it was because of debris, which was not the case,” Todt added. “It seemed like it had to do with the use of the tires. That is why we have drawn up a technical guideline to ensure that all teams use the tires in the same way.”

This seems to have solved the problem, but the discussion has not yet subsided. Getting controversy out of Formula 1 is easier said than done.

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