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“New F1 engine should provide more emotions and sound in 2025”

Max Verstappen in the Red Bull F1 car with Honda engine
Foto: Red Bull Racing

If it depends on Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, the new generation of F1 engines should stir emotions and make more noise again.

From next year, Red Bull will further develop Honda’s engines under its own management and so the Austrian formation was allowed to join a meeting with the engine builders to discuss the future of Formula 1 in the engine field.

F1 boss Stefano Domenicali said he was delighted after an initial meeting and is convinced steps have been taken in the right direction. Together with Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, he announced that the electric share of the new power sources will be significantly greater.

More sound and emotion
For Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, however, it is more important that the sound and emotion of the V8 and V10 engines return, otherwise they might as well enter Formula E, but at the same time he also advocates sustainability.

“We see that the cost of the current F1 engine is extremely high,” Horner told

“It was not thought of when this engine was developed. I think there’s a fantastic opportunity, for what could be a ten-year bike when introduced, to do things differently.”

The current V6 hybrid engines were introduced in 2014 and were criticized by fans for their poor sound. In addition, the new engine also ensured the long-standing dominance of F1 by Mercedes.

Formula 1 should not be Formula E
“I think it should play on the emotion, the sounds, and of course, it should also be as sustainable as possible. But I think it should still be entertaining – otherwise we should all do Formula E.”

“Hopefully the collective brains can come up with something attractive for 2025, or what would be more sensible, get the job done well before 2026.”

Horner also emphasizes that it is very important to get all noses in the same direction so that an efficient and as cheap as possible concept emerges.

“I think it was a constructive dialogue,” Horner said of last weekend’s meeting.

“It is important that we find the right solution, both in terms of cost and product, for the future of F1.”

“So I think all the right stakeholders are involved in that discussion, and it’s important to work collectively for the benefit of the sport.”

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