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Formula 1 will present the F1 car of the future on Thursday

Formula 1 will show a full-size F1 car for the first time next Thursday that has been built according to the F1 regulations of 2022. The presentation of the F1 car of the future will be able to be followed by F1 fans via a live stream.

Major rule changes will be introduced in Formula 1 next year. Those regulation changes were originally planned for this year but were postponed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The rule changes are the biggest in more than a decade in the sport and will mean that F1 cars will also look completely different from 2022. Not only will the aerodynamics change radically, the tires will also be a lot bigger with 18-inch instead of 13-inch.

With the introduction of the new F1 cars, Formula 1 as a sport should not only become more attractive to the fans, but the races themselves should also become more exciting. As a result, the sport should in theory also be less predictable.

In the past there were already digital renders that gave us an idea of ​​what the F1 cars will probably look like, but next Thursday, for the first time, an F1 car will be shown in real life and in full size to the general public. .

F1 fans can follow the livestream from 3 pm Belgian time via Facebook and YouTube.

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