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Lewis Hamilton wants to find cause of lack of diversity in F1: “Why am I the only black one?”

Lewis Hamilton
Foto: Lewis Hamilton

Seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton set up the ‘Hamilton Commission’ some time ago. The Mercedes driver is thus looking for an answer to the cause of the lack of diversity in Formula 1 and, by extension, the motorsport world.

Earlier this week, the Hamilton Commission released the findings of its investigation, which appears to confirm that work is indeed needed to make the sport more diverse and inclusive.

“I have been racing since I was eight years old. I’m 36 years old now, my dad and I are the only people of color I’ve seen in the sport all these years,” Hamilton said in a video from Mercedes. “I went to Formula 1 and maybe one or two mechanics have been there and there are hardly any people from Asia in the sport.”

According to Hamilton, the difference has nothing to do with the abilities of the people of different ethnic backgrounds.

No lack of intelligence
“When I look around me, there must be a reason,” said Hamilton. “It’s not because the minorities lack intelligence. There must be a deeper reason why there isn’t more diversity.”

The research of the ‘Hamilton Commission’ would also have shown that there are indeed fewer ‘black’ people in Formula 1. There would be fewer graduates of a ‘black’ descent meet the criteria and fewer people would move on to Formula 1. 1 or the motorsport world. In addition, many of them would be confronted with racism.

More diversity and inclusive society
“I am convinced that we must push for a society that is more inclusive and diverse,” said Hamilton. “I got this incredible opportunity. I am not afraid to use my voice to help others.”

“We are working together as a team to try and give the young people more opportunities and to make people see that they have a chance in motorsport, even though they might not have thought of pursuing a career in motorsport themselves.”

There are plenty of jobs
Hamilton is also convinced that there are plenty of different jobs in the motorsport world.

“It’s not just about racing drivers or engineers. There are many opportunities to perform a job. There are many different levels at which one can get started.”

“There isn’t a lot of diversity right now and I think it’s very important to make the sport more diverse. New ideas coming from people from different backgrounds will only make the community better. It will only make our sport better.”

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