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Team boss Max Verstappen strongly criticizes Lewis Hamilton after a heavy crash: “This is unworthy of a seven-time F1 champion”

Red Bull F1-teambaas Christian Horner
Foto: Red Bull Racing

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is not happy for Lewis Hamilton after his victory in the British GP in which he knocked Max Verstappen off the track on the first lap.

Lewis Hamilton tapped Max Verstappen at Copse Corner, one of the fastest corners of the season, and catapulted the Dutchman into the tire wall. He received a blow from 51 G-forces but luckily escaped unscathed.

The world champion was soon given a 10-second penalty but eventually managed to win his home race for the eighth time in his career. If it depends on Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, this is a meaningless victory, he said after the race.

“Max experienced a crash of 51 G-forces. Lewis is an eight-time winner here, he doesn’t have to do those maneuvers. This is unacceptable,” said Horner.

“I hope Lewis is happy with himself. He tapped his wheel in the inside of the corner and you know you shouldn’t do that. You just don’t do that on the inside of Copse in those circumstances.”

“He wasn’t around to be in front at all. There was contact, front left and rear right, at the speeds they get there. It’s one of the fastest corners in the championship.”

“Lewis has more than enough experience to know that this is unacceptable. As I said, I am very disappointed that a rider of his caliber would do such a maneuver. It’s dangerous, he put a competitor in danger. It looked desperate and thank goodness Max came out unscathed.”

“I don’t care what Lewis thinks, just look at your own analysis, make your own comparisons. For me it is a victory without meaning.”

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