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Will Qatar get a place on the 2021 F1 calendar?

The Gulf state of Qatar appears to be one of the candidates to fill in on the F1 calendar if races threaten to disappear from the 2021 F1 calendar due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

So far, the F1 season has been going fairly smoothly this year, even though the coronavirus sometimes means that races have to be postponed or even cancelled. For example, the races in Australia, China, Singapore and Canada were cancelled.

However, F1 is still aiming for an F1 calendar with 23 races, but the second half of the season in particular seems to cause problems. After all, several ‘overseas’ races are planned that may not be able to continue due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Soaring corona figures in Japan, Brazil and Mexico are seriously questioning the planned F1 races there and there is also the empty place on the calendar due to the disappearance of Singapore that needs to be filled. Qatar already seems to be one of the candidates to fill in.

Formula 1 is also said to be looking at whether a

second race will be organized in Bahrain. Just like last year, a second race could then be on the ‘outer-loop’ circuit. Vaccinations or not, it is already clear that Formula 1 still has a lot of puzzle work ahead of it to finish the current F1 season.

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